What is Boulder Opal?

Boulder opal is term used to describe precious opal that occurs in 'veins' or 'pockets' in ironstone boulders. It is only found in one part of the world - Queensland, Australia.

Australian boulder opals come from the very heart of Australia - in a belt of Cretaceous sedimentary rock that covers an area 400,000 square kilometres, or about the size of California.

Finding these elusive ironstone boulders is no easy task. After all, we are hunting for something that formed millions of years ago. But it is worth it, as these unique ironstone boulders contain the world's most beautiful opals. And at Broken River Mining we treat each and every opal uniquely, just like a piece of art.


Sue at her Yaraka boulder opal mine

Sue at the 'face' her Yaraka boulder opal mine, searching for those sandstone / ironstone boulders with any signs of opal colour inside.

A boulder opal split from the Russell's opal mine

A very recent find from our Russell's opal mine that is full of potential. Just look at those green-blue opal veins!

The view of our Yaraka opal mine

All of our boulder opal mines are located in outback Australia, in extremely isolated areas of western Queensland.